Build you clients lifecycle

CRM Cycle is a client life cycle management system. With CRM Cycle, conception, implementation and execution of customers progression in the life cycle becomes very easy.

Conception: With its user-friendly UI, creating customer cycles becomes a nut. Every case is covered easily.

Implémentation: Let the rules engine operate and focus on the data flow that matters: clients and their actions history.

Exécution: Drag and drop messages on transitions and use our software to send automated emails or link them to your own system.

Interact with your contacts

Beyond the classical view 360 ° CRM Cycle allows you to interact with the cycles of each contact to liven up your business relationship.

With the timeline, track your contacts, view the paths and access to sent messages.

Get a precise reporting

CRM Cycle mixes your data with the lifecycle data to make your request more accurate.

Analyze the lifecycles with the reporting module and make your customer experience better than ever !


When we think about transactional emails we first think of short processes such as processing an online order or downloading a white paper; these emails have much higher open rates than traditional bulk emails. They provide opportunities for the company to interact with its customers. Marketing reinvests these subjects so far treated by technical teams, but, if it is simple to create the content of these transactional emails,, it becomes hard to monitor their results.

Cycle CRM provides a comprehensive platform to resolve these issues. The software also goes further by providing the tools to monitor clients throughout their life, and handles all types of customer interactions.

Companies working with our tool begin by discussing a targeted problem, such as online satisfaction surveys and then come to ask about the rest of the customer journey. They find in CRM Cycle ways to generalize their approach.

In terms of analysis, reasoning about the cycle offers new approaches. Are customers who enter the system from a purchase more cost-effective to run than those who have previously registered for the company's newsletter? What channel acquisition is most efficient? What is the real cost of the relationship and therefore what is the value of the customer?
Answer to these questions become affordable with CRM Cycle.

The founders

CRM Cycle was born from the collaboration between companies Partikule and Calmus Counseil, pooling the expertises of an interactive and creative web agency and  a consulting company specializing in CRM and business intelligence.
  • "With CRM Cycle, designing lifecycle becomes easy"

    Without CRM cycle, design of customers lifecycles was difficult.
    Cycle CRM allows us to easily develop customer journey and immediately check their validity.
    A great time saver!

    Christophe Bouguereau, MDC Partenaire